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Who Are You Today?

Funny how easily revelations show up in the shower. This morning I woke up well before the alarm. Rather than get up and wake my husband with my rustling about, I watched part of a movie called Wonder on Netflix. It’s about a nurse who’s brought in to watch and study...

Artificial Intelligence and Authenticity as a Writer

Just to be clear, an AI program didn’t write this post. I did. This flesh-and-bone, goofy, dog-loving, afraid-of-heights writer with a quirky imagination and a constant, burning desire to create and embody who l really am beyond any labels or definitions. I’ve been...

Stillness in Motion

When I was a girl in Minnesota, I used to love reading while lying on the dock at my parent’s lake cabin, gently rocked by waves pushing against the dock’s metal supports. I’d often put my book aside and look down through gaps between the planks to where clear,...
Blooming Season

Blooming Season

I could start every post with the words: when Spirit asks you to do something, do it! The last time this rang true for me, I was listening via phone to a small group spiritual gathering I attend every two weeks. About thirty minutes in, I got the clearest message from...

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How Fast Things Can Change

How Fast Things Can Change

Here’s an example of how things can work. How things can change. In an instant. Up until about ten minutes before I spontaneously started writing this post, I’d been having a crabby morning. I’ll spare you the list of symptoms and complaints; just know I’m not feeling...

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