I could start every post with the words: when Spirit asks you to do something, do it! The last time this rang true for me, I was listening via phone to a small group spiritual gathering I attend every two weeks. About thirty minutes in, I got the clearest message from my team.

Hang up. Get out of there.


I thought it was odd, given the amazing people and high vibration in our group meetings. But I did as my team advised. And as soon as I set the phone back in its cradle, I heard the words “The Architect is talking.” I didn’t hear anything with my physical ears, but I knew that most communication happens in other realms. And sometimes in this realm, we just need to be silent and allow what’s happening elsewhere to happen, not do anything that might interfere, even when we don’t have a clue what’s going on.

Two days later I did understand. In meditation, I met the Architect, my team’s new term for the energy of Archangel Metatron. He walked me around what he said is my new house. It’s a large home, built entirely of energy. Imagine fluid, rainbow-flashing crystalline beams and supports, and walls that move like butterfly-soft rubber when you press your hand against them. I understood this house is eternally adaptable, will expand, contract, reinvent itself with my every wish or need. I’m ready to move in!

Then he showed me buildings behind my house. A few appeared at first, then I realized I was looking at an entire energetic college campus. The buildings are made of the same “material” as my house, and in the center, there’s a massive outdoor auditorium with seating for millions. It’s all under construction, but will be finished very, very soon. Apparently, another version of me is quite involved in this project and will teaching there going forward.

Then the Architect showed me how underneath each seat in the auditorium, there’s a single magenta flower bud, like a tight rose bud, facing downward toward physical Earth. Millions of these buds in place, waiting. I understood that when the time is right, perhaps around next week’s Winter Solstice, these buds will all open. Each one will release a fragrance, an energy that is specifically, perfectly tuned to one person. To activate one person.

This fragrance is another red pill, as I spoke of in my last post. It’s another opportunity to awaken, fully loved, fully supported by all that will be available through this new energetic university in dreamtime. To some it might be that first moment of waking, for others, it will mean waking to an exciting new level.

Even though the buds are still closed, I can smell the fragrance, the energy. Simply glorious! And not just for the sweetness of the scent, but for the huge field of heart-opening love infused within each individual bloom’s offering. Ahhhhh….

The blooms will open, but as always, it is our choice to receive or not. My team is telling me to ask for as much as I think I can take in from my blossom, and then ask for more. There’s no “too-much” here because this fragrance/energy will join us in that state where we are infinitely expansive, infinitely capable. And as our presence is infused with this energy, it will be calibrated, refined, so that the energy is perfect for us, the humans playing out this show on earth.

I invite you to ask for your perfect flower energy. Ask for as much as you can take in and more. Tune into all that love and support. And if you smell the scent of flowers around the Solstice, it may be Spirit’s way of saying hello.

Many blessings this sacred holiday season,


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