We humans are good at comparing one thing to another. We’re good at evaluating, labeling one thing as better or more important than something else. It’s a handy skill when deciding which brand of tomato sauce to buy. But it’s a prickly skill when we unconsciously use it to keep ourselves safe and small. When it keeps us from truly appreciating ourselves, our abilities and what we do in the world.

My inner comparer showed up recently, labels at the ready. Fortunately, these days I know how to handle her.

She was drawn by new work I’ve started doing in the higher realms that happily, I’m conscious of and actively participating in. Work I can’t wait to tell you about. (I’ll get back to the comparer in a minute, I promise.)


In this work I see myself as a bride dressed in white. I’m inside a small white country chapel that is being carried on the shoulders of a number of groomsmen. Brightly colored stained-glass windows depicting beautiful nature scenes reveal Gaia’s participation. 

I am always at the front of the chapel, kneeling in front of an altar that’s overflowing with stunning white flowers. There are earth flowers and many I only recognize as flowers from other realities, other worlds. Their flawless white represents the intense, pure energy of Spirit.

The flowers all have spring-fresh green stems that represent energies I bring from an important part of my spiritual heritage, the group presence we call Zenith. In part, Zenith energy provides a boost, a leg up, that helps a person advance in the way their soul has chosen.

Together, the scent of the flowers is powerful, almost overwhelming, in a good way. And yet within that collective, each flower’s scent carries a unique, discernible vibration. This is my first experience sensing vibration via scent. It’s exciting! There is consciousness in those aromas, and what I have a feeling is a language.


This elevated chapel is designed to move from one location to another. Each location, in fact, becomes the groom to my bride. A few weeks ago, the chapel’s first stop was Santa Fe, New Mexico, the town closest to where I live. I saw the chapel hovering above, within and below the physical city. Then, day by day, I saw white flower petals sprout from the sides of the chapel, growing fuller until the entire chapel had become my exquisite bridal bouquet.

And what does a bride do? She throws her bouquet.

Over the course of a few more days, individual petals from the flowers on the chapel’s exterior flew off and landed just above the physical ground of Santa Fe, forming a new energetic ground level. I quickly realized that the petals were actually seeds. When they sprouted, they formed new flowers and created a network that linked the flowers to the chapel and to me.

In essence, this network is a self-sustaining grid of pure Spirit and Zenith energy, which is now available to those in the area who choose to tap in and receive. And not just people. Animals, the atoms forming the buildings and cars, trees and stones–everything. Spirit energy nurtures this new system, which in turn nurtures anything, anyone that tune in. When they do this, I see them rising to the new ground. This living grid also detects and filters out any impurities that cannot exist at the new vibrational level.

Last week, when I tuned in, I saw the new level above Santa Fe was packed with white flowers, all with that delicious scent energy. I knew we were done there. Then, all at once the chapel moved to Atlanta, Georgia. (Spirit’s choice, not mine.) And my single chapel had become five chapels, spread out over the city, each with a part of me inside. The chapels are all linked together, working together. At the time I write this, we’re emitting a harmonic tone over the city and the surrounding region. It’s one tone and yet quite complex. I hear a different piece of it every time I listen in. I don’t see any flowers appearing outside the chapels yet, but I have a feeling that will begin once the tonifying of the region is done.

Or maybe something totally different will happen, I just don’t know—and won’t know until it happens right in front of me. I can’t wait to be surprised.


I find two things especially striking about this work. First is the feeling of kneeling in front of that altar, in front of those pure flowers of Spirit, engulfed in that magical scent. I feel intense gratitude, feel so humbled to be a part of this. The purity of Spirit is piercingly impeccable. When I tune into it, I instantly feel calm and peaceful. And I know without a speck of doubt that what I’m experiencing is Truth with the capital T.

The second striking thing is perhaps the most important. I, the flowers, the altar, the chapel, Gaia, Spirit, are making an offering. My role is to channel and voice the offering. We’re not doing anything to anyone. If people want what we are creating, they can have unlimited access. If they don’t, they will ignore it and carry on with their lives.

It’s easy to get into the trap of wanting things for other people, a city, a country so desperately that we forget that for the most part, others must be allowed to create their own path, make their own choices for their own soul’s reasons and experience the results.

By making an offering, there is no force or coercion, no attempt to convince or convert, and no one is dishonored or disempowered in the process. There’s purity in this as well.


Now remember I said my inner comparer showed up?

She’s been looking at this multidimensional work and then looking at what I do the rest of the time in my physical human life. She tries to pit one type of work against the other, draw comparisons, issue evaluations and judgments.

I remind her that my human self is here to Be ME and express my higher truth and presence here on Earth. It’s that simple.

I am here to embrace the whole. On one hand I’m working with Spirit energy. On my other hands, I’m revising my offbeat romp of novel, learning to watercolor and draw cartoons, and writing poetry that often comes out unabashedly playful and surreal. 

Much as my inner comparer tries, I won’t pit the work I do on one level against the work I do on another. They’re different, yes, but they’re just different sides of the same spinning coin. A coin that, in reality, has infinite faces. Each one an expression of the larger Me.

All expressions are equally sacred, valuable, and True.

And you know, when I refuse to let my inner comparer have her way, she storms off in a huff and I start to feel really good.

I feel peace. I feel calm. Just like in that chapel.


I still see people who are searching for the perfect ways to serve. And yet they’re already serving by simply being who they are and doing what calls to them from their heart, whether that’s working for a cause, caring for grandchildren or parents, writing music, teaching, coaching, painting, or spreading love through a call with a friend. It’s all perfect when it comes from the Truth, from the heart.

Today, I invite you to look at where you might be judging yourself for not being or doing enough, or where you might be minimizing what you do, or where you might be comparing yourself/your work/your abilities unfavorably to someone else. See if you can let some air into those spaces and perceptions–and give yourself a hug for who you already are and all you already do.

With love and gratitude,





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