Welcome to Day Six of the 12 Days of Solstice Poetry Challenge 2021!

One thing I adore about living in New Mexico is staring up at the night skies. Away from a city, with very little light pollution, I’m always surprised to see how many stars are up there watching over us. In the deep silence and dark of winter, their presence feels even more profound.

Your prompt for today is: STARRY NIGHT.

Today’s example poem is an offering from my dear friend Keiko O’Leary, a wonderful writer, beautiful spirit, and one of the most interesting, multi-talented people I know. Keiko was inspired to write a haiku that captures a moment she experienced, and she shows us just how much can be contained in three lines.


starry sky—
speck of a satellite
tracing north to south

— Keiko O’Leary


And here’s a little more about Keiko ~  Keiko O’Leary brushes her teeth outside in the morning and often experiences pre-dawn haiku moments like the one in this poem. Her book of inspiring essays for writers is forthcoming from Thinking Ink Press.


If you’d like to share what you’ve written in response to today’s prompt, please add your poem as a comment–here or on my Facebook page where this prompt will also be posted.

Enjoy this blessed day, and I’ll see you on Day Seven!







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