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If you’re in the market for metaphysical crystals and stones to help you on your spiritual journey, you can now find those on my brand new Etsy store.

I’ve been drawn to stones since I was a kid hunting for Lake Superior agates on the dirt roads of central Minnesota. I’ve collected stones ever since and now have a home that’s also a large, diverse crystal community. Stones and crystals have been vital, constant companions on my spiritual journey, often acting as guides, helping me advance and helping me enjoy the always-surprising unfolding. Even now it’s rare that I meditate without a stone nearby.

I’m a crystal whisperer, meaning that stones talk to me. In the store, you’ll see a short blessing, message or desire from each stone in its description. I hope these will help you find your next, perfect crystalline companion. I include a free gift with each order and offer free domestic (US-only) shipping on all orders over $35.00!

You’ll see more than stones in the store soon. I’ll be adding signed copies of my Vision Pages journals, and more will follow after that.

Click the link below to visit the store. I’d love to hear what you think!

Now Available!

Harness the power of imagination to helpĀ manifest your writing dreams!

In Vision Pages for Creative Writers with Daring Dreams, I share the four key steps I’ve used to write vision pages and transform my writing life and my projects. If I can do it, so can you!

The rest of the book is yours to fill with your own life-changing visions. Write about anything you desire to feel, be or experience. Let your vision pages help you imagine your writing dreams to life!

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