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If you’re interested in metaphysical crystals and stones, be sure to visit my Etsy shop.

These stones are special beings that I picked out one by one for their unique energies and presence. These are powerful beings here to support, inspire and co-create with us in exciting new ways. If you love stones, stop by and say hello to all the beauties. I’m sure they’d love to meet you.

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Harness the power of imagination to help manifest your writing dreams!

In Vision Pages for Creative Writers with Daring Dreams, I briefly outline the four key steps I’ve used to write vision pages and transform my writing life and my projects. The rest of the book is yours to fill with your own life-changing visions. Write about anything you desire to feel, be or experience. Let your vision pages help you imagine your writing dreams to life!

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Stillness in Motion

When I was a girl in Minnesota, I used to love reading while lying on the dock at my parent’s lake cabin, gently rocked by waves pushing against the dock’s metal supports. I’d often put my book aside and look down through gaps between the planks to where clear,...

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