With Earth Day rapidly approaching, it feels especially important to share a message I received. From a camel.

A few days ago, I was walking my older dog Parker when a large camel appeared in my awareness. It watched me, and I suddenly became super conscious of how I was walking, climbing carefully up a hill on a narrow, uneven path of soil and loose rocks.

Then the camel invited me to start walking like a camel.

Thankfully, that didn’t mean getting down on all fours to mimic a camel’s legs, which might have made my neighbors uneasy. Instead, it meant consciously placing my feet rather than moving my legs and trusting my feet will land properly. It also meant really feeling the ground beneath my feet with each step. Though I was wearing thick-soled hiking boots, I was astonished at how much I felt when I paid closer attention: the different heights of the ground, small mounds of last year’s grass, the rocks, the aliveness of Earth. I also understood that as I walked with this level of awareness, my vibration and energy sank into the Earth as well.

That last piece is the important part.


I’ve been working with the camels for a couple of weeks. My first experience with them was in meditation, where I saw a group of camels standing in a circle. Each camel was humming, and this hum transmitted down into the sand they stood on, which vibrated and responded with its own hum. The sound and feeling of this was so harmonious, so profoundly coherent.

As I listened, I heard that when we consciously share our energy with Earth the way camels, other animals, and other natural beings do, then Earth knows we are listening.

That wording was very specific.

I was shown how each animal shares itself with the larger whole of Life. It shares its hum or vibration and is sensitive to where it fits within the whole.

Each human unconsciously shares as well, but so many people don’t listen to the overall harmonious vibration. They don’t feel and know their own place within it—if they’re consciously aware that it exists at all. And truly, so many of us learn to focus on our lives, the lives of other people, and a lot of material things. We’re too often taught to think of the natural world as something relegated to the front and back yard or the place we visit on vacation. With some notable exceptions, our dominant cultural tendency is to see ourselves (humanity) as the center of everything, when in truth, we are one part of something much larger than ourselves. We see ourselves without seeing our living, breathing context.

This idea is nothing new. Many native cultures have been trying to tell us this for decades. Even the movie Avatar portrayed this. How well have we listened?

We’ve all seen the consequences of not listening to Life. When we don’t listen, we cause a disconnect from Life, a separation that’s unnatural and uncomfortable. Which makes us feel alone. To compensate and try to fill that void, we might try to focus more on ourselves, our stuff, our lives separate from the greater natural world. We might get louder and louder, more and more controlling. But this can only widen the disconnect.


What if we listened instead? Really listened. What if we began walking like the camels?

Listening can start with going outside and listening to the wind in the trees, listening to the birds sing, listening to a bush rustle. We can appreciate and help protect life in all its natural forms. But there is another level that’s open to us.

What the camels impressed upon me was that when we consciously share our essence, our vibration, our deepest truest self with Earth, we can start really feeling our part within the whole of Life. That is the moment, we can truly begin to listen. That is the moment our relationship with Life can begin to change in wonderful ways we can’t yet even imagine.

I’ve felt deeply connected to animals and Nature my entire life, but what I feel now is worlds beyond what I’ve felt before. So much more is possible—right now!

If you want to play with this, try claiming a few quiet moments today. Outside if you can. Feel the bottoms of your feet. And then with your intent, offer your unique frequency/hum to the ground, to Life itself. Feel it as much as you can, especially in the body. Let the awareness of Life move up and embrace you. Let it fill you. As it does, remind yourself that this isn’t an exercise for the mind. This is the experience of your body coming home.

If you’re like me, you will feel so much peace. You’ll feel a connection, which once awakened, will be impossible to ignore. So embrace it. Live it. This is the Life you were born within, and it’s ready to welcome you home in a whole new way.


Some of you may be wondering how I started talking with camels.

Several months ago I joined a group called the Harmony Pack, organized by Kate Solisti, a gifted animal communicator who’s helped me with my dogs. Every month in the Harmony Pack, a new animal council comes forward to offer its wisdom and assistance. Kate channels the council at the weekly meetings, then during the week, each of us works with the animals on our own, gathering additional and personal insights that can help us bring our lives into greater harmony and resonance with all that is. Through this group, I’ve worked with animals like jaguars, hyenas, jellyfish, turtles, and now camels. Each animal group’s experience has been utterly profound.

If you love animals or if you would love to build your connection to Earth, to Life, and support Life at this critical time on the planet, you may want to check out the group. I can’t recommend it enough. Here’s the link: https://www.katesolisti.com/harmony-pack

And no, I’m not getting paid to promote the Harmony Pack. This is a sharing straight from my heart because I treasure this opportunity to contribute to Life, and I can feel how Life is eager for more of us to start listening. To come home.


Radiantly, Authentically Yours,


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  1. Lori Romero

    I love the insights in this blog — I’m going to experiment with the deeper connections you talked about in my walks. Thank you.


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