Welcome to Day Two of the 12 Days of Solstice Poetry Challenge 2021!

Ahhh, this first day of new light. There’s always something fresh about it, something palpable, even if the amount of increased sunlight is barely perceptible. I feel it as something beginning to gather and grow, a whispered promise of new life that will arrive in Spring. As exciting as this freshness is, the subdued, introspective nature of the season remains, and it can be intensely powerful and transformative. I hate to waste a minute of it! So while I celebrate the return of light, I also celebrate and allow myself to deeply experience the divine mysteries and potentials of the darkness. You’ll find me in meditation again today. 

Along these lines, your prompt for day two is: INTROSPECTION. And here is my poem, my offering, to you.



Inside, where you are a
Nest of baby robins,
Throats open, eager for
Roses and budding spring,
Open as well to faint winter sun–
Shadows stretch long for a reason,
Patience, their curious gift, something
Everyone can use more of, so
Cuddle up in that nest, your
Time to fly will come, for now
Invite in answers seeking questions that
Only life on planet Earth can
Nudge to vital, precious life


When I write a poem addressed to “you,” it usually means that a higher, more expansive part of me is talking to the physical-world me who has her hands on the keyboard. This is a great, often-surprising technique to use when writing poetry or anything else. Whatever you do with today’s prompt, have fun with it!

If you’d like to share what you’ve written, please feel free to add your poem as a comment — here or on my Facebook page where this prompt will also be posted.

Enjoy this blessed day, and I’ll see you on Day Three!







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