In meditation a few months ago, my team told me to take the rest of the year off. Being the chronic overachiever, however, I resisted actually doing that. But after a bad cold, lingering sinus infection, fatigue and a dearth of motivation to work on projects I dearly love, I realized that Spirit was serious. Now I understand why.

The past few months have reinforced the fact that when it’s not time to do something, it’s not going to happen. No matter how hard you push it. I’ve been finding that true even with meditation. Then when I closed my eyes one day, instead of seeing my white tornado “come back later” sign, I found myself staring at an enormous structure that looked like both a double terminated crystal and the Kabbalah Tree of Life symbol, only a million times more complex. It was pearlescent with rainbow streaks – all energy that was moving within the structure. Very much alive.

To my surprise, the structure moved toward me, compacting to be more human-sized without losing any of its integrity or energy. I felt it move into my body. Then a second similar structure, this one a bright apple green, also moved into me. I understood that the pearlescent structure was new crystalline DNA for me, the soul, and the green structure was new crystalline DNA for my physical body. Wow! I wasn’t expecting that.

At that moment I finally understood why I needed to be quiet. Much of the previous year has been preparing for this new DNA to come in, and once in, there would need to be a process of integration and calibration. And when I could give myself over to this, trust that THIS work was the most important thing I could do at that point in time, I would help the process move along much more smoothly.

As with the influx of any new energies, this triggered a lot of releasing. Primarily emotional this time, including a surprising amount of grief I still carried around the loss of my mother on Halloween many years ago. What surprised me, however, was the sudden and easy release of all attachments to old plans, even plans I’d made just weeks earlier. I was/am also acutely aware that the person who planned those plans is long gone. Which has led me to a place of freedom I’ve honestly never experienced before. It all comes down to one thing. Going forward, if something doesn’t bring me joy and come from joy, I’m not going to do it. Period. Which for me is a startling bold statement to make.

Not that I’ve been sitting around watching TV. While I was integrating all this new DNA, I followed the one path I knew to be true and relevant: my creativity. I took a wonderful Spiritual Poetry workshop offered by Tiferet Journal, and I’ve been writing, drawing and playing with watercolor in classes with the amazing Jill Badonsky. This month, I started Nanowrimo (determined to get back to my novel) but found zero energy for that. Despite my eagerness, it still wasn’t the right time. So I let it go. I let even more go after that.

Which I needed to do because things are shifting again.


This morning I got another glimpse I need to share. I went into meditation to learn more about a dream I had last week where I saw lots of people with what looked like glowing bar code scanners embedded in their foreheads.

In meditation I was met by an alien, elf-like figure who had the same scanner on her forehead. We met as old friends, touched our foreheads together, scanner to scanner, which is when I realized I had one too.

She verified much of what I’ve been understanding about these scanners. For many people, a new cluster of energetic nerves is online or coming online on the forehead. It’s basically an evolution and extension of the third eye we’re all accustomed to. I’m also seeing a new visual cortex, a new visual matrix now connecting many areas of the brain and the crown chakra in new ways. All to give us new abilities to see and discern (and I’m sure much more that I don’t know about yet). This lines up beautifully with the new body template that my friend Lisa Gawlas has been writing about in her blog for months. (You can visit Lisa’s blog to learn more:

My elf-like friend told me that this scanner (what she calls a Sensate) has a lot to do with perceiving reality. Specifically, perceived reality versus Universal reality. Perceived reality is the reality we experience that is intertwined with and influenced by our beliefs. Universal reality reflects universal, multidimensional truths and experiences, which we are waking up to more and more. With this Sensate/scanner coming online, we will be able to see more clearly beyond what has been our individual perceived reality.

A reality that in many ways has been a prison. And needs to fall away.

Think of this in the context of the election we just had here in the US. It’s been deeply painful in many ways, but it has brought so many divergent perceived realities to the forefront. All our angry, hard-line divisions are the result of different perceived realities that have at their core, the idea of “us versus them.” But when viewed through the Sensate, you can see how all the pressure this election has generated has caused cracks in those perceived realities. Individuals who are ready will allow those cracks to widen until their limiting perceived realities ultimately fall away. Will this happen overnight for everyone? No. It will happen in whatever time frame an individual’s evolution allows, and then, in their own way. Maybe in this lifetime, or three more down the line.

This election, in many ways was the choice between the Red Pill and the Blue Pill. (Colors that have nothing to do with political parties.) If you’ve seen the movie The Matrix, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t seen the movie, the choice is this. Take the Red Pill and wake up to a potentially uncomfortable Truth that you’ll never be able to deny again (that just like in the movie, you’ve been living in a constructed, constricted, perceived reality). Take the Blue Pill and return to your life as it has always been.

Through all the drama and trauma, I’ve seen a lot more people pondering the kind of society they want to live in. One based on laws and facts or unsubstantiated claims and innuendo. A society of kindness and mutual support or one of anger, fear and continued bitter divide. When people start seeing options and considering alternatives, it’s a good sign they’re taking the Red Pill.

This election was not the first time the choice of Red/Blue pill has been offered, and it will not be the last. 

I know I took my Red Pill a long time ago, as did many if not all of you reading this. The Sensate and our new crystalline DNA will help us move forward. In the appropriate way, at the appropriate time. It will help us move through any new societal Red/Blue pill moments with greater clarity and discretion. The road ahead will not lead us back to the normal we once knew, but rather toward something potentially spectacular that is in alignment with Universal Truth because more people are waking up to create it. Together.

Ahhhh, take a moment to feel the energy of that word. Together…..

Feels pretty darn good, doesn’t it?


Together with you in love and gratitude,








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