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Manifest your dreams using the power of imagination!

Powerful Journaling at its Best!

Imagination is a powerful tool. We all have it it, yet we rarely tap its full potential.

Writing vision pages changes that. Vision pages help you dust off your imagination and play with it as the immense, creative manifesting force it truly is.

Writing vision pages is the simple act of writing about what you want to have, be and experience. It’s like creating a vision board, but goes far beyond that. Writing about your dreams and desires–with your own hands, in your own words, from your heart–helps you tap into your inner vision, imagination and power in a way that is fun, effective and wonderfully, uniquely you!

In the Vision Pages journal, I share the four keys steps I use to write vision pages, steps that have helped me bring about a number of delightful changes in my life. The rest of the journal is yours to fill with your own powerful life-changing visions.

One quick warning: writing vision pages is addictive. Once you experience what they can do for you and your life, you may never want to stop!

More about the Vision Pages journal

  • Convenient 8×10 inch size
  • Outlines four key steps for writing vision pages and using them to manifest your desires
  • Available in two versions: lightly lined or unlined 
  • A sprinkling of fun, inspirational quotes
  • Special areas for quick reflection and celebration
  • Blank pages at the end for doodles (lined version)
  • 160 pages, plenty of space to start imagining your dreams to life!

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Vision Pages Lined Journal

Vision Pages Unlined Journal

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