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Hi, I’m Barbara Jacksha

Some of you know me as a writer or as a spiritual explorer. In truth I’m both, and the two strands of writing and spirituality form the double helix that has informed and shaped my life. Once I learned to play with the helix in a deeper, more empowered and conscious way, everything about me and my life changed in the best possible ways.

In fiction and nonfiction, my work now centers around helping others explore three things. How we can find and live from our own inner truth and and power. How we can joyfully bring our inner magic out in every area of our lives. And how we can have a lot more fun!

Below I’ve shared a bit of my journey to this rich and rewarding place.

…first came nonfiction

My writing adventures began in nonfiction. I have a degree in Journalism and I worked for many, many years as a freelance business and instructional writer. It was great. I worked with many wonderful people and built up a large toolkit of writing skills. But I was writing what other people wanted, often writing in their words. My creative self got restless and my spiritual side began to nudge me in the ribs, urging me to do more with my writing and my life.

…then I moved to the realm of fiction

When I turned to fiction, I fell in love with writing and publishing flash fiction (very short stories) and other short work. My creative side had a blast. Stories grew out of anything and at times, a door opened and a story poured out so quickly and completely that I was just the one lucky enough to write it down.

My spiritual side got in on the action and my work veered into magical realism, speculative fiction, and other stories that looked at the realities we’d see if we only opened our eyes a bit wider. This is where my focus remains. At their heart, my stories share a sense of movement toward connection, toward love and a recognition of who we really are and are becoming—the transformative experience possible here on beloved planet Earth.

The bond between my writing and spiritual sides grew stronger when I co-founded/co-edited the online literary journal Cezanne’s Carrot, which published spiritual and metaphysical fiction, nonfiction and poetry. It was a five-year labor of love and beautiful confirmation that the blending of writing, life and spirituality was happening to writers and others all around me.

Bigger stories soon began to take root within me, bigger ideas that demanded a larger stage. To honor them I moved into writing screenplays and novels, which is where my desire and attention remains. My stories are bold, expansive, often funny, and take a loving look at the truth, magic and delight waiting just beyond the veil of what we think is possible.

…what I’m playing with now

Much to my surprise, I’m back to writing nonfiction. I hadn’t intended to, but in July of 2015 a spiritual technique/practice/way of life appeared in one of my meditations. Playing with this technique swept me into new and utterly breathtaking territory. Best of all this is a technique anyone can use, so of course I knew from the beginning that I’d need to write a book about it.

Writing and editing this book has been like a moving meditation, one so fun that I can’t wait to show up at my desk each morning. Through this technique and this book, I’ve learned how to blend the spiritual thread with every area of my life and play in even more empowered, creative and conscious ways. I can’t keep that to myself!

This book is a living presence I call Gabby. I hope people will love her as much as I do. I’ll be sharing my journey with Gabby on my blog, so I hope you’ll sign up for my mailing list and travel with me as I bring her to the world.

Even while I work on Gabby, I’ve been creating blank book journals for a writing practice and process I call vision pages. I also have an unfinished novel impatiently beating its wings, eager to have my full attention back. I’ve written feature-length screenplays that are also waiting to transform into novels. Each of these novels-to-be is a story of inner and outer transformation that I can’t wait to explore and expand even more.

Some days I need to pinch myself. I have the best job in the world!

…and the rest of the time

Much as I sometimes want to, I don’t write all the time. I also love reading, hiking in the wilds, making jewelry and exploring new spiritual realms. I’m blessed to live and work in a unique semi-rural area near Santa Fe, New Mexico, a home I share with my husband, our three dogs and several neighborhood bobcats and coyotes. The air is fresh, the views of the Sangre de Christo mountains are spectacular, and at night, away from the lights of a city, we marvel at the stars.

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