Spirit is communicating fast and furious these days. Yesterday started with another unplanned meditation that began in the shower and continued later before I’d even had time to get organized for the day.

I saw myself in the middle of space, standing on a singularity. (Be sure to read my last post for more about singularities.) I was as tall as the singularity was wide, and there was a wonderful feeling of divine equilibrium. Then the energy of the singularity began moving up through my feet. In it, I saw snippets from my life, from other lives, etc., and realized that the refined, perfected energies of those experiences were moving into the physical me that’s here now. As this flow happened, the singularity shrank until it settled in as a disk beneath my feet.

What remained was a new foundation to stand on, one that would support me in what I do like no support system has been able to do before. Which is perfect, because I know that everything I do now (everything soooo many of us are doing now) is radically new and will form solely out of the new energies arriving on Earth.

From this foundation, I felt a continuing energy flow, one that matched the flow of energies coming in through my crown. They met in my heart and solar plexus, a blending of inspiration, knowing and passion (crown) and action, confidence and momentum (feet). Lots of exciting potential in that!

I’d just paused to enjoy the feeling of this when a new presence arrived.

A turkey.

I laughed because I wasn’t expecting a turkey (who would?) and because it wasn’t an ordinary turkey. This was a turkey of light. Oh, he was gorgeous, formed of stunning, bright white light with bright-colored streaks in his peacock-like tail.

He was there to help me make the transition to the radically new.

But why a turkey? Turkeys are often called earth eagles. They’re said to represent spirituality and the Earth, the number 12, the abundance of the harvest, etc. At least that’s what the books say. But this turkey wasn’t about the past, in the same way that nothing is about the past anymore. This turkey was about what we (not just me) are creating out of the new.

The turkey began bounding around, moving quickly and taking much longer strides than I expected. As each foot fell, it left a spark that lingered like a stepping stone. This was the beginning of the message this turkey had for me and for you.

I’ll pull apart the message as I understand it.

First, the turkey’s surprising speed. We move rapidly now, and though it’s often a wild ride, it’s perfect. It’s the new normal. We are moving at the speed of soul. Not the speed of society, family or friends, old patterns and habits, old beliefs, or the past. When we move at the speed of soul, things will line up for us, appear for us, unfold for us with maximum ease and grace.

The speed of our soul is for us alone. There’s no trying to hurry up and match another’s speed. We can be inspired by it, but the only soul speed we need is our own. We also can’t wait for anyone. If we try to tow others along or slow down to match their speed, we interfere with the unfolding of our soul’s potential for this lifetime. And that doesn’t serve anyone’s highest good.

Second, the turkey’s bounding gait. In our speed, we land and move on. We touch down lightly, without concern for the space around the place our foot lands. We don’t need to fill in those spaces or those between our steps, for our sake or for others. We now create stepping stones, not a highway.

What might this look like in everyday life? We take a class, glean a vital piece of information, then leave the rest behind. We spark a relationship that lasts a day or allow a long-term one to suddenly end. We gain a level of understanding only to shed it an hour later when a new one appears. We happily take a 90-degree turn on a project we’ve been planning out in detail for months. We let days unfold in ways that surprise and perhaps confound us, while embracing the perfection of it all.

We don’t need to hold on to anything other than what’s required to create the next beautiful, bounding step. The more of the old and outdated we’ve left behind in and with the past, the easier and more fun this movement will be.

Third, the stepping stones. In reading what I wrote above, you might have thought, Hey, you said not to wait for anyone, but I really want to help people move along their spiritual path. That is a wonderful, generous desire, one most of us share. But how we can best do that is changing too. Everyone is now fully in charge of their own growth, fully responsible to their soul. Meaning everyone must do their own work; the days of copying off another’s test are gone! The days of spiritually enabling or holding ourselves back as a way to serve are gone as well. 

Many wonderful teachers have laid down those highways I mentioned. They laid out very clear paths that others could follow. And they’ve been extremely helpful. Goodness knows I followed a few, most of which led me on a wonderful journey of growth. 

For an increasing number of us, however, this is the time for stepping stones, not highways. In our bounding, speedy steps, we leave behind our loving sparks, our kernels of wisdom, our stories, as stepping stones that model how this crazy, marvelous process of spiritual growth and ascension can unfold. We do this in the moment, then move on.

When someone else comes upon the stepping stones we leave behind, there’s plenty of breathing room, plenty of space between the stones for that person’s deeper wisdom and knowing to bubble up. It’s this wisdom that will send that person bounding off in their perfect direction, empowered to create as they see fit, moving at the speed of their soul, and leaving their stepping stones behind. 

Fourth, the lightness. This new way of moving, of bounding and landing, is one of lightness. I said we touch down lightly. There’s a buoyancy, a joyfulness, an ease, an openness, a sense of freedom, and an excitement about where we choose to land next, which will be on virgin ground we’ve created out of the new. 

What a journey! It’s enough to make a certain turkey of light proud.


Many bountiful, bounding blessings,


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