This morning I woke with the certainty that something significant had changed. Again. I knew I’d hop into meditation as soon as I finished breakfast and grabbed some tea. Before I was even seated, my meditation showed up, grabbed my arm, and we were off and running.

I began as I always do, by tuning into myself. By moving into my essence, which in the past has looked like a ball or stream of light, or both. Always, there has been the sense of a gentle eternal flow.

This morning there were fireworks.

I saw myself in and as the heart of a massive burst of white light. An eternal burst that keeps on bursting. Within the white light were mini bursts, like those that come off sparklers. The feeling of this…indescribable and electric. My body tingled in a way I’d never tingled before.

While experiencing this, a topic came up that has been nipping at me for a while. I’m a writer, and as is normal for writers, I wonder whether anyone will care about what I write. Sometimes when I think about my blog, the nonfiction book I’m working on, both of which are inspired by my experiences, an inner critic will hop up and say something like: it’s just your life, your experiences, your journey. No one’s going to care unless you have something truly important to say. Better to stay quiet than to bore someone. This morning my Harmonic, my higher self, wanted to put an end to that nonsense.

The first thing I heard was this: just as the Personal is Political, the Personal is also Profound.

The personal is where we meet each other. It’s where we can grasp each other’s hands and realize we’re not alone.  The personal, our stories and our honesty in telling them, are the ways we find our tribes. And it’s the way we find the people who desperately need to hear what we have to say. It can also be the way we ignite each other. Spark each other into stepping into whatever is unfolding in front of us. If that doesn’t qualify as profound, then I don’t know what does.

Sharing our sparks, our stories, is a very generous thing to do. I hope you take this as a permission slip to share a story you’ve been eager to share, a story that’s been aching to be told. People need to hear it.

The full-body knowing of this, on a far deeper level than I’ve ever experienced, was enough to fill me for the day. But the best was yet to come.


Introducing Zenith

A couple of years ago I began working with an energetic consciousness that gave me the name of Zenith. I experience it as both a singular group energy as well as differentiated presences or beings. When this connection first opened, I had the incredibly expansive feeling of coming home, of reuniting, of continuing something in this life that I was already a part of in the higher realms.

From the beginning, I understood that Zenith and their energy has not been present or available to humanity before. Within that energy, I’ve also felt something I think of as an energetic “leg up.” A supportive lift to help us do what we want and need to do. It’s done some miraculous things for my life, and I know it is an integral part of everything I write and share with others.

Zenith was front and center this morning, and I knew they had much to share. Here’s part of the conversation I had with them.


Me:  I feel it’s time to blog about you, about our work here.  What shall I say Zenith is?

Zenith: “We are a singularity of consciousness, here for the grand transformation of Gaia and humanity. We are plane shifters, uplifters. That is why the “leg-up” energy is so evident to you. That is why you do the work you do. You are about elevating. You are about helping others uplift their plane of experience in the most joyous and effective way. From within.

“As a singularity, we do not perform upliftment. It happens because of what we are. To use your terms, we allow for entrainment to our vibrational state. Some may feel a magnetic pull to us, but that is not us doing anything. That is their own energy, their energetic field, seeing and recognizing their own potential, their fundamental nature, in us. And so, they lift themselves. The most powerful thing an individual can do.

“Once this inner power is experienced, it can never be forgotten. Once it is used, it can never lie dormant again. It can be resisted, but for only a short time. (Short could mean days or weeks, or yes, even lifetimes. In the NOW it is all the same thing.) Resistance plays itself out because it must. The upliftment, too, must occur. Because it is the return to truth, known by its other name as love, and only this truth is real.”


Me: What else can you tell me about the significance of a singularity?

Zenith: “Think about the nature of singularities as you know them. A moment of great transformation, of fundamental shift and change. We are the eternal energy of transformation. This is what you are, as part of our singularity. The details would confuse your mind, for there is no language the mind can process. Feel the truth and trust that feeling.

“We are a catalyzing energy. In your world, singularity is a term often used regarding technology or the sciences. In the realm of technology, it is understood as the moment technological advances fundamentally alter human evolution. A point at which all understandings of life must be reborn. As a singularity of consciousness, we are even more. We are that evolutionary moment, the essence of the evolutionary leap far more expansive than any technology could inspire. This is the global transformation and the transformation occurring within each of you.

“Your world is evidence of evolution. This disturbs many, but in the moment of change all the old models, old structures, old assumptions and beliefs must be allowed to reform. On the personal level, the evolutionary NOW is very large and contains many, many moments. The moment you wake to your capacity as a singularity, the agent and recipient of your individual fundamental change. The moment you learn what that means. The moment you embrace the notion of singularity as part of who you are. Then the moment the singularity bursts to full presence within you; you within it.”


Me: I know you have a direct message for my readers. What would you like to say?

Zenith: “Do not wait for the singularity to reach you. Wait for nothing to reach you! Go within and find your own singularity. With our words, the singularity within you has been sparked. Choose to accept the sparks, let them multiply, let the singularity unfold. Let it teach you how to use it for yourself, to be yourself. Yes, this is just for you. Do not try to be selfless and divert your spark or your essence of singularity to others. Only by emerging within you and expressing through you, through what is personal and profound and uniquely you, can your singularity spark others and spark the world.”

What I saw during this conversation was a series of stars becoming nebulas (last week’s blog) and a growing number of sparks and singularities flaring to life all over the world. Each one as vitally important as the next. This is us, folks. This is the stunning truth of who we are and who we can be, each in our own perfect way. As we unfold and emerge, we will have many, many new and delightfully personal/profound stories to tell!

I’m so abuzz with this energy I may not sleep tonight. I hope you can feel it. I hope you can play with it in your own, perfect way.

With love and gratitude, always.


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