Happy New Year & Welcome to Day Twelve of the 12 Days of Solstice Poetry Challenge 2021!

I love how today is both an ending and a beginning–the last day of this year’s poetry challenge and the beginning of a new year. We are here, today, with 2021 now just a memory. What will we choose for 2022? What we will create? Where will our dreams and desires take us?

Thank you for traveling along with me during this past year and in this year’s poetry challenge. I’m so grateful that we have joined this new year together.

Today’s prompt is: FRESH START.



Finally, the new year
Rests in our hand, a snowball,
Easy to form,
Hard to keep cold for long.

Snowballs are meant to be molded,
Then tossed with all our strength,
Aimed at targets we’re eager and
Ready to claim, so raise your hands–
Throw with love and all your joyful might.


If you’d like to share what you’ve written in response to today’s prompt, please feel free to add your poem as a comment–here or on my Facebook page where this prompt will also be posted.

Enjoy this blessed day and the miracles waiting for you in this new year!




Photo 41386672 / Snow © Famveldman | Dreamstime.com





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  1. Gema

    Barbara, what a delightful poem! I ran out of steam way before the 12 days were over, unfortunately. However, I appreciated wgat I saw of the poems of others. Thank you for doing this. Happy New Year! May this be the year we see our most beautiful visions for humanity start to manifest in an unmistakeable way.


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