Welcome to Day Eleven of the 12 Days of Solstice Poetry Challenge 2021!

We’re at the end of another year ~ an excellent time to think about the person, the self, we are bringing to the new year. Which beliefs are we bringing, which attitudes, which dreams and desires? With the new year so miraculously unwritten, the days are ours to create. I’ve put out an intention to bring my best self to 2022, knowing full well that “best” means being the most authentic self I can be in any one moment, without striving for perfection or holding judgments or expectations. I’m ready to welcome in the new year…how about you? 

Today’s prompt is: WELCOME IN.



While wool gloves, wool hats 
Envelope frosty fingers and ears, 
Look at the way rabbits play,
Clever, graceful, even on icy snow.
Open your bundled chest and invite them in–
May their thump-thumping feet 
Enchant you enough to play along
In ways your hesitant heart
Never dared believe it could.


If you’d like to share what you’ve written in response to today’s prompt, please feel free to add your poem as a comment–here or on my Facebook page where this prompt will also be posted.

Enjoy this blessed day, and I’ll see you on Day Twelve!






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  1. CBR

    Beautiful reminder Barbara ! So present .


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