Technology evolves, I evolve, and my website has now evolved as well. May it bring you inspiration, good energy, and a smile or two.

This blog is part of my new (re)creation. I don’t have a set blogging schedule. Instead, I’ll follow the flow of what shows up for me to write about, posts that will undoubtedly focus on the twin, interwoven streams that fill my life: writing and spiritual exploration. A cute dog photo may sneak in here and there too!

The photo on this post and my home page sums up everything I want this blog and site to be. The woman has her hat and backpack on, ready for adventure. She’s planted on beautiful planet Earth and her arms are open wide to the magical, mysterious unknown and the path ahead that she creates out of limitless Quantum potential with every step. As she explores new possibilities, she creates new realities. This is who we all are. This is who I am. This is where I live and create from. I hope you’ll all join me on this remarkable exploration.

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