Interesting times, aren’t they? We’re still in an assortment of retrogrades and in the middle of an eclipse cycle. Is anyone not feeling tired?

I’ve been playing with a meditation that my friend Lisa Gawlas suggested, which involves tuning into each of the three eclipses in this current cycle. I’ve been learning what’s opening up for us and how to make the most of their energies. Naturally, I have to share!

The day I was going to try this meditation, it showed up while I was feeding my dogs their breakfast. Of course! I felt a presence. I understood it was an elevated version of Kali, the goddess known for destruction and dissolution.

The first solar eclipse that took place on July 13, 2018, brought in a powerful dissolution energy. It collapsed everything we’ve been releasing for some time now, even the past itself, back into energy. What a great thing this is. We still have all we need within us, and if we’ve been doing our inner work, all that has been old, finished, false, and heavy with old energy has now been collapsed into raw potential. Or it’s undergoing that process now. And all this newly freed energy can and will be upcycled to form the new.

I saw this first eclipse as a sun in the sky to my left. Straight overhead was a full moon, representing the lunar eclipse of July 27rd. When I tuned into that, I feel a rush of vibrations and emotions and intentions. The opportunity of the lunar eclipse is to take the energy released by the first solar eclipse and energize it, infuse it with our soul’s dreams and desires, vibrations of love and passion, and whatever else we know (at our higher levels) to throw in there. Basically, we’re taking this newly released energy and juicing it up, big time. This process is also transforming the energy and its potential into something entirely new.

That’s the phase many of us are in now, though everyone moves through these energies in their own way and at their own pace. This is the time to flood the new that is forming, even if you don’t know what it is, with the most unconditional love you can summon. The formation is happening at the soul level, so for the time being let the big choices and decisions happen there. Yes, we can put in our requests, but then we can let go, surrender and be a cheerleader for our soul and the process that’s unfolding. We can focus on keeping our vibrations clear and high. In this way, what is being formed and infused will be as pure and precise and perfectly tuned for us as possible.

There’s another reason to “let go and let soul.” The concepts and vibrations we think of as love, as passion, as joy, etc., are becoming something radically, excitingly new. Something we don’t yet understand. (This is what I’m still piecing together, so I’ll leave it at that for now.)

I also connected with the energy of the third eclipse, another solar eclipse coming on August 11th. It’s also showing up as a sun on my inner sky, off to the right. This energy is an updated version of Shiva, a god known for both creation and destruction. He’s all about creation at the point of this eclipse. All that we have released and returned to pure potential energy, all that we’ve infused from our higher levels, will be activated by this third eclipse. Or shot out of a cannon, by the feel of it! I noticed that this eclipse energy was oriented toward the future. And why wouldn’t it be? Anything past has been collapsed, so there’s only one direction, in our linear experience of life, to go.


Since I did the last piece of this meditation yesterday, I’ve noticed a curious thing. I’m hyper aware of specific moments, even when I’m walking around the house or doing something mundane. I’m aware that as soon as the moment happens, it collapses and is gone. It’s not just a concept now; it almost feels physical, like if I turned around quickly, nothing would be behind me. It’s like we only have the ground beneath our feet. The moment we move, the ground we once stood on collapses back into energy and potential for form. It’s a crazy-odd feeling, but I understand even more deeply how we only ever have the moment we’re in.

Shiva reminded me this morning that the creation/destruction/creation cycle itself is changing. We’re becoming more conscious of it. We are creating, collapsing and recreating in every moment, and we can learn to use this cycle, and the inherent power and potential within it, in a new way. The new energies coming in can help us do that more powerfully and purposefully than we’ve ever been able to before. How? Creating what? Well, that’s for us all to discover.

If you want to play with the eclipse meditation I did, Lisa posted it HERE in her blog. Maybe Kali or Shiva will show up for a chat. If they do, I’d love to hear what they have to tell you.

So happy collapsing, infusing and creating. I can’t wait to see what we do next!



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