Once again, life surprises me in a way I could never expect. Last Thursday was the 8/8 Lion’s Gate, a potent energetic event that unfolded over about five days. I looked forward to spending my 8/8 meditating, writing poetry, or doing something else inspirational or creative.


Wednesday, the day before the big day, I knew with absolute clarity that it was time to deal with my stone inventory. For those who don’t know, I used to sell crystals, stones and jewelry in an online store. The energy for that store evaporated several years ago, so I shut it down. I closed the legal business behind it so that all that old energy would dissipate.

I kept the inventory, however. Hundreds of incredible stones that are powerful, beautiful and wise. For years, they’ve been boxed and keeping me company in my office. I’ve sensed that while much of their energy was here, much more was working in other realms. Now, the stones have pulled their energy back to this realm, prompting me to set up a store on Etsy that will officially open soon.

I’ve put off making sure that my inventory records are still accurate. I put off making some key decisions about what to sell and what to give away. Decisions that, for some reason, I didn’t want to face.

When it’s time, however, it’s time.

On Wednesday I couldn’t wait to pull out all those dusty boxes. Instead of experiencing inventory as a tedious task, which it can easily be, it was a joy to handle each stone and get reacquainted. Each touch felt like a reunion. I felt so much excitement in the stones. They’re eager to re-emerge into this world and move to their next loving homes.

While I was doing my glorious Lion’s Gate inventory, I had the wandering thought that maybe I “should” be doing something more spiritual. (Funny how the brain likes to throw sticks like that.)

After the inventory was done, I realized that much, much more was going on than just me getting organized. As I touched and reconnected with each stone, I transmitted my love and appreciation into it. And, even more importantly, I infused each stone with the alchemized energy of this Lion’s Gate.

In other words, my seemingly mundane task had a whopping amount of spiritual intent and power behind it!

So can any mundane task, especially those we suddenly feel called to do. It might be laundry, washing dishes, or pulling weeds. It’s not a new idea that we can bring our mindfulness, our awareness to these kinds of tasks. My understanding this morning is that there’s another level of opportunity. To do/be even more with every moment of life.

I’m putting my imagining hat on. Put on yours as well, if you’d like.

What would happen if we bring not just our awareness, but our full presence, our pure radiance, to the mundane moments of our lives? What would we experience? When we brush the dog. Brush our teeth. Fill the dishwasher. Grab the mail. Shop for groceries. Answer email. File papers. What if we did all these things while embodying the same state of consciousness we enjoy in meditation?

Bye-bye separation.

Later today I’ll be photographing the first stones going into my store. That and all the photo editing can also be tedious thing to do, if done as I’ve done it in the past.

This time, before I begin, I’m going to sit quietly and intentionally raise my vibration and consciousness as high as it can go in that moment. I’ll set up my camera, lights, backgrounds with the intent that they form the perfect container for each stone in its moment. I’ll pull out the stones and hold or position them as they wish to be held or positioned. Finally, I’ll invite the stones to reveal their wonders through the photos. What an adventure this will be!

Enjoy your day. Enjoy all those quiet and loud and exciting and tedious moments, knowing each holds an opportunity, a special sacred pearl, just for you.


Radically, Radiantly Yours


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