Are you getting any sleep lately? I’m not. The energy of the recent full moon, the alignment with the Galactic Center and now the Solstice…wowzers. 

A couple of nights ago, I slept enough to dream I was trapped in a strong ocean eddy. I was terrified, spinning around, with no clue how to escape. In the dream, when I brought my higher attention to the feeling, I saw that I was actually sitting in a bathtub watching bathwater swirl down the drain, taking with it any energy that can’t resonate with the new I’m bringing in.

After stepping out of the bathtub, I saw myself standing before a long row of floodgates. On the other side, rough water was sloshing over the top, determined to break through one way or another. I opened the floodgates, every one of them, and let all the water come rushing forward.

I got swept up, but felt no fear. I floated, realizing that I had released the water into what looked like an expansive river delta, which represented everything I’ve been preparing for these past months or years, perhaps even lifetimes. The delta was ready and eager, and welcomed the water with divine, loving grace.

It’s stunning how quickly things can shift when you bring in a higher perspective.

In my last blog post, I talked about knowing that my only job is to dream. I love that understanding, but my tinkering mind wonders how I will dream my way through all the things I want to accomplish. My short list includes projects in five separate, but interrelated areas. There’s a lot to keep track of and keep on track with–and I’ve expended a lot of mental energy strategizing and trying to do that.

In the effortless way of dreaming and flow, however, help arrived this morning.

I opened a box with a new, rather unassuming quartz crystal I bought online. Right after I picked it up and sat down to have a conversation, I saw that he helps organize and channel energy, much in the way a human conductor directs an orchestra. It’s magnificent to witness him in motion. I will be calling him Maestro!

My new helper’s only been unpacked for a couple of hours, but he’s already directing energies into different tributaries in my delta, a different tributary for each thing that I’m bringing into form, into this world. I hear him talking with my projects, helping things flow forward—all without my needing to do that heavy lifting or expend any more mental energy.

So I can float.

So I can dream even bigger dreams.

So I can write more grand symphonies that Maestro will joyfully conduct.


For today, for this glorious Solstice, I wish you luscious dreams and effortless flow. I wish you the joy of knowing you are supported, that flow can bring you everything you need in the most delightful and often surprising ways.


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