Earlier in the week I tuned into the energy of the Solstice and was shown a flower slowly unfolding, unfurling its petals. I understood it to be the flowering of everything we’ve been setting up this entire year (or for lifetimes–only the soul knows). The idea of the spiritual journey as an eternal unfolding is nothing new, but this flower is. It’s a brand new flower. A brand new unfolding.

It’s here because things have changed. The energies have changed. Reality as we know it has changed. If you’re feeling or seeing a significant shift in your life, if you have a hint of this, it’s because you made the choices, took that actions and held the vibrations that have allowed a vastly new potential to unfold for you now. The unfolding has a momentum to it; it’s not there to just be looked at or thought about. This is a new flower for you to pluck and embrace and embody. To dance with, laugh with, play with, create with. Fully. Joyfully. No hesitation because the time is NOW!

Phew, the energy I felt writing that last paragraph. It’s the most potent rush of energy I’ve felt writing any of my blog posts so far. Spirit is saying, this is it! Pay attention!

In the past few weeks, I’ve been challenged to take a new look at everything I do, even things that I love and flow well already. If it is familiar or feels comfortable, I need to shake it up in some way. I’ve done this several times in my life, but this is the biggest opportunity so far. This time it’s about allowing the unfolding of this Solstice to bring in even more expressions of the new. The radically new.

I’m shaking up my writing routine. I’m shaking up what and when I eat. I left a coaching group I was in (and loved) for four years because the new beckoned. This very minute I wish I had a laptop so I could lie in bed, put my feet up on the wall and write this message in that position. I’ve been writing for decades and never had the desire to do that before.

See what I mean about the new?

Today I was rewriting the opening of a book proposal (for a nonfiction book that I can’t wait to tell you about). At first, with hands dutifully on the keyboard, I debated about what to write. After a while, I started wandering around the house, wandering outside, as I pondered different options.

Then I saw my dog Parker stretched out on the bed. Because I can’t resist a warm sleepy dog, I curled up alongside her. We enjoyed a good ten minutes of baby talking, tummy rubbing, nose kissing, chin scratching, finger nibbling, belly laughing and tail swishing. Then the ideas for my proposal showed up. I knew how to start. When I got up, I rewrote the whole section in 5 minutes. Thanks to this experience, I’m now officially claiming dog snuggles as productive time! Another new thing for me.

By shaking things up, we make space for the new. Take a look at your life. What has been the same for a while? Shake up what feels uncomfortable. Shake up what feels great. Have fun with it. Then have more fun.

I even bought a ukulele, folks. I need to learn to play the ukulele. I haven’t a clue why, but the imperative is there. And it had to be a baritone ukulele, the largest and deepest-toned of the uke family. Apparently, whatever is unfolding for me will be accompanied by strumming, sonorous tones.

Here’s the best part. The more we shake things up, the more we allow ourselves to listen and respond to the pulse of the moment and to our deeper knowing, the freer we can feel. The happier we can feel. The more excited we can feel about what is unfolding and ready to be created NOW. And the more fun we’ll have creating it.

So shake it up!  Which reminds me, someone just started teaching belly dance near where I live. Maybe I’ll be checking that out too.

With love, gratitude, and a tall glass of Solstice-infused lemonade,




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