As I’m guessing you’ve noticed, we live on a spiral flow. Sometimes that spiral is wide and languid, and it seems like there’s all the time in the world to expand, get things done or kick back for a while. At other times, the flow seems like a tightly coiled spiral staircase, where each step twists you in a new direction before you can catch a breath.

I’m feeling that “the-only-way-is-straight-up” spiral now, and you might laugh at how it’s showing up. I sure did.

In my last blog post I confidently told you about my realization that I didn’t need to retake a class on how to create classes. I posted that, felt good about my decision, and thought that was the end of it. A couple of days later, I suddenly felt super excited about the class and the teaching that will come from it. I couldn’t wait to sign up.

Wait, what?

Something had changed.

I had changed.

When I tuned in this morning, I understood that if I had signed up initially, it would have come from a mental place, from a place of “this is a good idea” and “I need this.” In a sense, these energies would have brought me back to where and who I was a year ago. And I would have created my own course while still connected to that outdated space. 

So what changed?

By NOT signing up for the class, by honoring my knowing in that moment, I let go of those old energies and levels of perception. Making room for the new. 

This is how we expand. This is how we grow. One big or tiny layer at a time. One step at a time.

By signing up when I did, from a new place of certainty and trust, I am already receiving an elevated, higher-vibrational version of the course. The nuts-and-bolts information I get may be the same or similar, but the energetic component is already entirely different. As I write this, I feel a strong energetic connection with the instructor, the nonphysical beings supporting this course, and the human coach I’ll be paired with, even though I don’t know who the coach will be yet. It doesn’t matter. It’s all arranged, it’s all already happened in a higher realm.

Similarly, I feel a beautiful connection with the people who will take the class when I roll it out early next year, people who will receive the benefit of the higher-vibrational creation that will come from the expanded energy of who I am now (and will be in the weeks/months ahead). 

Energy and life can shift instantly, and when we go with the flow, amazing things happen.

It’s that simple.


This morning’s meditation expanded on the topic of flow. I saw myself as a beautiful river, a flow of universal/soul energy that is here to be and express. At the same time, I saw myself as a waterwheel in that river, the mechanism propelled by flow to create those desired expressions. It’s an interesting experience to be both at the same time. It feels lovely and completely natural.

Which of course it is.

We are built for flow. We never need to fear it. Even when it feels like the flow is pushing us up that spiral staircase or zooming us down a fast-moving river, we can handle it. We are made for it. We created it. It’s who and what we are.

And in our place of greatest knowing and truth, a place we can trust implicitly, we know exactly what we’re doing.


Where will the flow/you take you today?

It/you might just surprise you.















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