Sometimes I chuckle at my Higher Self and my non-physical team. Not long ago, they presented me with an offer. One they knew darn well I would take because (1) it’s juicy and exciting, (2) they know how committed I am to my spiritual growth and (3) they knew I knew the change was going to happen anyway. Still, it’s nice they asked and gave me a chance to shout out a yes before I plunged into another deep end of the mystical pool.

They made this offer in meditation. I was standing in what looked a crystalline version of a white-washed, seafront village. I stood on a parapet looking out–not at the sea, but at the quantum field that I know as the field of pure potential. I knew I was at my leading edge, the place/frequency where my created reality meets new reality I’m creating.

This was a new view of my leading edge, one much more concrete than I’d experienced before. Or rather, I was much more concretely there. That’s when I understood the offer: to master living at this leading edge, master holding this level of consciousness. Not just in meditation, but in my walking, talking, bumpy, dog-barking, flu-catching, distraction-packed life.

Who wouldn’t say yes to that? I’d love to remain consciously aware, centered and balanced when a pricey plumbing bill hits, when I’m sick, or when I knock over a water glass and must scramble to quarantine three speedy dogs before they snack on sharp shards.

With my yes came questions. Where do I start? What does living my leading edge mean? What do I do? Or not do?

My team made it abundantly simple and clear: You begin by mastering the moment.

That focused things. A bit.

For years I’ve tried to live in the moment, apply concepts I’ve learned and thought about a lot. This new challenge, however, raises the bar. I find I’m evicting the concepts, booting the understandings residing in my head that I may or may not remember to apply in daily life. Mastering the moment shifts me to living the NOW, living my expansive presence, as my primary operating system. Staying as present with the moment as my lungs stay present with air.

After all, lungs don’t have to think about breathing. Lungs don’t get distracted by family drama and forget to breathe.

This opportunity came up when I happened to be physically sick, feeling bruised by things happening in my life, and feeling disconnected. In essence, the opposite of what I was being challenged to do. When I went to my team for help (and perhaps whine a bit), they lovingly but clearly said: “You didn’t think mastering the moment would be easy, did you?”

They caught me.

I did think it would be easy. Because it is easy in meditation and in life when things flow relatively smoothly. But mastering the moment is about mastering the annoying, tedious, challenging, heartbreaking and terrifying moments too.

I’ve flailed around in these kinds of moments far more than I’d like to admit, but I’ve learned that in flailing, you can build muscles and find your strength. Including the strength to choose the higher path of your greater wisdom. Again and again, as often as it takes.

I have more to share on this topic, but for now I’ll leave with you with some questions to sit with. Are you being challenged to master your moments? To bring even more of your higher, conscious awareness to more moments of your day? What would your life look and feel like if you did?  

Enjoy the moment. This one, right now.


Radiantly yours,

Barbara Jacksha

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