I admit I’m an information junkie. I love learning. I love taking classes. I especially love spiritual topics that inspire me and help me grow in this Earth experience. I imagine a large library inside my noggin, shelf after shelf of glowing books containing the knowledge I’ve absorbed.

At the same time, information is just information. Much as I love reading and learning, what really sparks me is what I can DO with the information. How I can live and experience it—not just in meditation, but in even the most mundane aspects of my physical life.  

With that in mind, I’m jumping back to the NOW bubble I’ve been writing about. As the name implies, the NOW bubble is all about NOW. A singular moment. And yet the NOW is also all moments, undifferentiated. It’s both/all of this at once, which gives us a lot to play with.

The NOW Bubble is a lot more than a concept. The NOW Bubble is meant to lived!


Creating with the NOW Bubble

A new process showed up in one of my meditations, one I now repeat every time I sit down to write. Here’s how it goes.

#1 –  I take several deep breaths and relax until I feel the NOW bubble around me.

#2 — I energetically reach to the right and grab the hands of future “me’s,” all those farther along or finished with the project I’m working on. This energy is vibrant and exciting and very playful. The connection brings resources, inspiration, encouragement, energy…whatever I need in the moment. I don’t try (or need) to figure out what any of it is. I just receive with gratitude and know that what I need is there.

#3 – I energetically reach to my left, to the past. I reconnect with my original desires, all those passions that have fueled me on this creative journey. I feel back to the original spark that brought me to Earth in the first place. I draw this into my present: the energy, the excitement, the beginner mind, the innocence of my first leaps of faith, the perseverance, the drive, etc. (Old fears or doubts can’t tag along. They can’t resonate with the energy of who I am NOW.)

#4 – I sit with all this for a few minutes. I feel the perfection, the support, the love. I feel the union of past, present, future and the exquisite joy of creating as one. 

Then I start to write. I love this process of conscious completeness. I show up, put my hands on the keyboard, and go with the flow. There’s no effort, no force. The flow carries me, and I can simply play with joyful abandon.

You don’t have to be a writer to play with this process. Pick something you’d like to do in a whole-NOW way. Play with the heart of the process, not necessarily the details. For example, if past and future show up for you, not as directions, but as different colors or two different alien animals, go for it! The best process is the one unique to you.


Sleeping in the NOW Bubble

In addition to being an information junkie, I’ve been a chronic insomniac. Sleep has been even more challenging when energies are intense — most of the time these days!

A few nights ago, I tossed and turned, mentally churning over various ways a serious family situation could play out. I was tumbling around in that twilight stage–not asleep, not fully awake–when a higher part of me asked a simple question:

“Where are you in relation to your NOW bubble?”

Instantly, I saw myself like a rubbery cartoon character. My feet were planted in my NOW bubble, but my entire body was stretched like three miles ahead, ridiculously far into the future. No wonder my body couldn’t relax and fall asleep! With this understanding, I snapped back to my bubble. The sense of relief was instant and astounding. My body relaxed completely.

I remember thinking, “I’ve got to write about this.”

Then I fell asleep and stayed asleep until morning.

Every night since this experience, I’ve made a point of feeling the bubble around me when I go to bed or if I wake up during the night. So far, I’ve been sleeping better than I have in a long time.

Try this if you can’t sleep. Or try it when you need to relax or find yourself worrying. Stay present in your NOW Bubble. It’s the safest, most supportive, most loving, most powerful place you can be.


These are just two examples.

The time for dusty volumes on bookshelves is over. I’m opening all those books and letting the knowing run free. I’m inviting each shimmering bit to become a co-creative partner in my life. To play in my bubble of NOW.

How does that sound? Is there any knowledge you’d love to set free and romp with in your own Now bubble?

Remember, Harry Potter isn’t the only one with magic!


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