Today my nephew Doug and his wonderful young family welcome home a new puppy. I wish I could be there to see the looks of love on their faces. And feel the bonding that seems to happen instantaneously with a puppy, as though the sharp-toothed ball of fluff is a long-lost member of the family that’s finally found its way home.

Doug and I laughed on the phone about the pandemonium that comes with puppies. I always expect at least a month of chaos before a new routine takes hold. My husband and I experienced this last September when we welcomed home our boy Riley. The photo for this post was taken the day we picked Riley out (and he picked us out). He was five weeks old, of course, on that day when his and our lives changed forever. He’s now a little over a year old, and his rambunctious energy still keeps things moving and changing.

With Riley, and anytime we’ve gotten a new dog, I’ve experienced many panicky, what-was-I-thinking moments. They’ve always reminded me of the five card in the Tarot. I used to associate fives with negative change, disruption or loss.

I don’t see fives that way anymore. Change and disruption aren’t necessarily easy, but they always bring great opportunities, new energies and new ideas. New doors to open even as the old ones shut. I welcome in the fives, and if I see triple fives on the clock, I get almost giddy wondering what will come next.

I’m intentionally creating a lot of change right now. I’m closer to finishing my nonfiction book, which my dream publisher already loves. (Yay!) I’m setting up a new Etsy store to sell crystals, stones and jewelry in a way I never have. I’m laying out a video email series, creating posters and learning how to create card decks—all things I would never have anticipated. Yet here they are.

It feels chaotic at times. Um, a lot of the time. And often I wonder: what was I thinking? 

In the past, fear would keep me stuck in the safe and familiar. Now, I’m calling in the change through my intentions and, more importantly, my actions.

August 5th is just around the corner. I’m dubbing it High-Flying Five Day. I’m going to celebrate a day of change by doing things differently, shaking things up AGAIN and then going with the flow of what happens. You’re invited to join in, see what gifts High-Flying Five Day might just bring you! 

Much love and high-flying high fives to you all. 



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