When I sat down to write a poem several weeks ago, my higher knowing immediately popped in with this:

Forget the journey

You have always been the destination

A star need only shine

A couple of weeks before this, I’d gotten the message that it was time to “Be the Star.” I even have a note with those words on my computer monitor so the idea stays right in front of me.

To be clear, I don’t mean a being a star in pop culture terms. I don’t mean anything external at all.

To Be the Star is to shine, as myself, as only I can shine.

To Be the Star is to fully embrace an elevated, unified sense of self as my reality.

In practical terms, Being the Star is what it means to live your authentic higher self in everyday life. There is no more journey, no more spiritual seeking. There is just the Being of you in every moment, the radiating energy of you consciously forming your life experience.

From this perspective, this way of being, you realize how staying bound to the idea of a spiritual path or journey keeps you separate from who you already are.


So, if you feel ready, forget the journey and don’t look back.

Can you envision yourself as a star, a sun–always radiating, always expanding your light?

Can you feel how whole, how masterful you are?

Can you feel how this switch in perspective alone could change your life in miraculous ways?


Now imagine one more thing. Imagine a world where more and more of us embrace Being the Stars we already are. Imagine the new connections, the new realities we can and will create.


With ever-expanding radiance and love,







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