A few days ago I wrote a blog post encouraging you to ask yourself whether it’s time to drop the spiritual journey and Be the Star you are. It was wonderful to get feedback about how many of you are feeling this pull. No surprise. For so many of us, it is time!

In my own mind, and maybe in some of yours, there’s been a gentle unease, a rumbling, a questioning:

Is it selfish to focus on my own presence right now?

With all the need in the world?  With all the calls for allies and assistance?

The answer is no, it’s not selfish. In fact it will help bring about your greatest contributions to the world.


Let me backtrack a bit and tell you about my own history with my Star self that helped me get to this point now. Very early on in my awakening, back in the 1980s, I was experiencing an intense, persistent feeling of homesickness. It made no sense given that my husband and I lived just one suburb over from where I grew up and where my parents still lived. I was almost in tears over this one day when I sat down to try a practice that was new to me – meditation.

Almost immediately, I felt myself standing on what looked like the rings of Saturn. I stared at an enormous sun right in front of me. I watched all the movement on the sun’s surface, watched material playfully jet out from the surface with one of the most intense feelings of joy I’ve ever experienced. THAT was home, and my ache to go back there was fierce.

I was not alone standing on those rings. There was a figure in black, a guide, who gently told me it wasn’t time to go home yet, but that I would be okay. Then he opened his hands, and out poured stars, comets, asteroids, colorful gas clouds, entire galaxies, etc. I knew this was the gift and love of the universe that would help sustain me until it was my time to return home. It was an intensely beautiful moment, one that still makes me tear up every time I share it. 😊

I had a second experience with my home sun a month or so later. In meditation I went directly into the sun. I was surprised (but not surprised) to feel how I was both myself and the unified WE of that sun’s presence. It felt perfect and completely natural, and I felt how in that “we-ness” I am always home no matter where this particular human body roams.

Since then I’ve known myself to be that star. I don’t relate to being a Being from another planet as some do. I’ve had experiences as other beings, yes, but also other stars, star systems, galaxies themselves–all contained within and as an expression of my larger star self.

I haven’t been back to my home sun in meditation because I don’t need to. I’m always aware of it, I’m always there as “we” and here as “I.” I also experience what I call my higher self not as a singular entity, but as many in one, what I call my Harmonic, a chord of vibrations of self.

So for me, to Be the Star, is to be myself in the most expansive sense I can perceive at this point in my evolution. It is to be the dual completeness of I/we and know this as the true reality beyond this human experience.


Now back to Earth. When I look at the world, I see how until we, as humans, recognize and experience humanity as the We that we truly are, we will have challenges. Anything that’s done or said to separate us, adds to the greater separation. Any time we fight against each other, we fight against ourselves. This is a process, however, that many are using as a means to grow, so it’s not something to judge in itself. Each soul has the right to choose their own experiences and methods.

We can only choose for ourselves. 

I have been called to Be the Star, hold that unity within myself, which I can then radiate and model and share with others. I know many of you have been called to do the same. Holding this energy in itself elevates our Wholeness, elevates others around you.

Does that mean that any of us should then sit back and let others do the “boots on the ground” service in the world? That’s not what I’m saying at all. And this is where I think a lot of misunderstanding comes in. 

When you perceive and understand from the higher levels of wholeness – when you stand there — you know when to hold back, and where, when, and how to take action in the world. What you do or don’t do may surprise or confound others. It may surprise you. It may take you in a direction you never thought you’d go. But actions that flow naturally from this state of being are some of the most powerful and impactful you can take. 

For example, over the last few weeks I’ve been reading so much written by Black thought leaders, trying to become better informed. My Harmonic, however, has guided me in the direction of Native Americans and what is needed now to support them, especially here in New Mexico where some of the nations have been devastated by Covid-19. That, for now, is clearly where my unique energies and actions are needed, and I’ll follow wherever my higher knowing takes me.

In the unity of you the shining star, you the unity of We, whatever you are inwardly prompted to do will be the perfect contribution at the perfect time. And it will bring all the aligned energy and power and love of your radiant wholeness with it. Feel into that. It’s potent stuff. No one else can find it for you or tell you how/where to direct it. It all comes from within.

So trust yourself, be yourself.

And shine!


Radically, radiantly yours,











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