Welcome to Day Ten of the 12 Days of Solstice Poetry Challenge 2021!

As the year winds down, I’ve been thinking about all that happened in 2021. All the things I’ve enjoyed and experienced, and even the challenging times that encouraged me to make new choices and grow. My poem for today turned into a list poem of some of the many, many, many things I’m grateful for, past and present. It was lovely to realize that I could do this same poem a hundred times and still not run out of things to add to my list. 

That is today’s prompt: GRATEFUL FOR.



Graceful movements on hidden ice
Remembering, mid-blizzard, where I parked my car
Acorn squash stuffed with sausage and sweet butter
Teenage puppies and the shoes that survived
Eleven, a mysterious, magical number
Frito pies, steaming chili goodness with a crunch
Ukuleles, especially the one waiting on my office shelf
Love, so much given, so much received
Frogs with their knobby, curiously webbed feet
Orioles eating orange halves hung on a fence
Resting after a full day’s writing–the best


If you’d like to share what you’ve written in response to today’s prompt, please feel free to add your poem as a comment–here or on my Facebook page where this prompt will also be posted.

Enjoy this blessed day, and I’ll see you on Day Eleven!







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