This morning, while sudsing my hair in the shower, I knew it was time to have a conversation with the consciousness of the virus shutting down normal life throughout the world right now. Even before I could rinse away the bubbles, I saw a lot that helped make sense of what is happening. 

I know that some of you have experienced a fall, an accident or a serious disease that forced you into an extended downtime you weren’t eager or prepared for. This happened to me when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and went through the surgery and months of recovery. During these times, we have a fundamental choice. We can choose, on one side of the spectrum, to use the time for conscious expansion and growth, or, on the other side, we can choose to lose ourselves in frustration and victim mentality. Honestly, I think most of us move around within this range, moment to moment. I know I do.

As this new virus spreads within the collective body of humankind, what I’m calling the Humanity Body, we’re being forced into a societal downtime. And we’re seeing people within our collective body acting from various places within that same spectrum: the heroes on one side, and those taking advantage of people’s needs and fears on the other.


Now put your fractal hat on.

Within our Humanity Body, we are each a cell. Not surprisingly, how we respond to the current challenges affects the whole. I’m positive many of you are already aware that while staying home and doing whatever you can to stay calm, centered, and connected, you’re bringing this energy and elevated vibration to the Humanity Body as a whole. As a sister-cell within that body, I thank you for that.

Today in meditation I saw how many of us are also like blood cells at the end of our current journey through the Humanity Body. Some are leaving completely because their task is finished. Others are returning to the center, to the heart and lungs, to be refreshed, re-energized for a new cycle. A cycle we’ve been prepared for whether we knew it or not.

This is where I find myself.

When I tuned in several weeks ago, I understood that my physical body was undergoing a total renovation, changing all the way down to the quantum level. All in preparation for something. At the same time, so many spiritual people I knew were dealing with sudden, odd and/or multiple health issues–and like me, had been for months. All of us experiencing our unique downtime/preparation time. Now with the world shifting, my sense is that new abilities, new motivations, maybe even new senses, will be coming forward. I think we’ll be surprised!

As we change, so will the Humanity Body. I wish I knew more about how this will unfold. But we will discover this path as we create it. One step at a time. 


One thing the pandemic has already done is bring people tumbling into the NOW moment. People want toilet paper NOW. People want tests, information and answers NOW. People are concerned for their families NOW. For many this is a startling, even uncomfortable, new experience. This is a critical shift, however, because we only ever have power and choice and awareness in the moment. Guided from within, consciously present in the NOW, we have the potential for radically radiant evolution. 


Now back to the virus itself. (And explaining why I chose a bug as the image for this post.)

In meditation, when I connected with the consciousness of the virus, the feeling was interestingly neutral. In fact, I saw one virus cell looking like a busy foreman on a construction site, clipboard in hand, too busy to talk. The virus didn’t look like that prickly blob we’re all seeing on TV. It looked like a Cicada. I saw a swarm of them moving around the globe, all doing what they came to do. If you live in Cicada country, you know that they emerge from the ground on a multi-year cycle, live their lives, then disappear again. Cicadas are loaded with powerful symbolism, often associated with self-discovery, metamorphosis, transformation, spiritual realization, illumination, rebirth, even immortality. This was the message I needed to receive.

Right now, there are a lot more people with time on their hands, free to look within, embrace and explore these qualities if they choose. In their own perfect time; in their own perfect way.

What an opportunity, one that’s hopefully easier on the nerves than staying glued to the news.

If it resonates with you, call in the energy of the Cicada, meditate with it, ask for its guidance and support. That could be very helpful at this time. Or go on YouTube and listen to a recording of what Cicadas sound like. There just might be a message waiting for you.

Wishing you all miracles and magic,











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