Call me Bubble Woman.

My journey into mastering the moment took a curious turn a few weeks ago when my physical life caught up with my understandings. Here’s what I mean.

For a long, long time, I’ve seen myself, my full divine self, as an eternal column of light existing beyond space/time. Then I see my time-based physical life as a river that flows through that column, through me. Where the two intersect is the Now moment. If I could remember where I first read about this, I’d give credit because the concept has been comforting and helpful as I’ve tried to understand this crazy human life thing.

Understanding is always just the beginning.

I’m now experiencing that intersection point of eternal me and physical life as a shimmering bubble that extends all around me. A bubble of NOW. The experience first showed up during a meditation I did on a curious phrase rattling around in my mind:

I AM This Moment.

There’s a lot in that simple phrase. It’s the merging of the I AM with the NOW moment into a NOW bubble that I experience physically and energetically. When I’m in the bubble, I feel spectacular. Capable, confident, happy, centered, connected, aligned with myself and the Universe. It’s where I know I’m fully supported. Where I already have everything I need.

Being a physical human being, however, I find myself moving in and out of the bubble.

Sometimes I lean forward to the future. I get caught up in thinking about the next items on my to-do list, future projects and situations, or some dire thing I fear might happen. Sometimes this happens out of excitement. Often, it’s because my inner overachiever thinks I have to rush ahead, do more faster.

Leaning forward, however, pulls me out of my NOW bubble and the alignment with myself. Lean far enough, I fall because my weight is no longer centered over my feet. I’m trying to reach ahead in time where I’m not supported. I’ve crashed again and again, thinking I’d failed, but really, I’d just moved too far out of my bubble. 

At other times, I lean too far toward the past. It’s usually triggered by an old fear or by trying to hold on to something–a person, an outgrown pattern, etc. It’s just as easy to fall out of the bubble in other directions, such as when I get pulled to the side by one distraction or another.

Throughout my days now, I feel for the bubble. I repeat the phrase “I AM This Moment” whenever I think of it and really tune in to the feeling of that, of being centered in my bubble. The more I do this, the more natural it becomes, and the better I feel. And, the more life flows with ease.


Here’s a fun challenge for you.
Try sitting with that phrase: I AM This Moment.
Meditate with it. Say it out loud several times during your day.
Can you feel your bubble? Can you feel when you’re leaning out of it?
It’s a fun experiment to play with.
One that can profoundly change your experience of life.


Thankfully the NOW bubble is forgiving because life is full of opportunities to test it out. I’ll share a poem I wrote on a day that began with a spectacular meditation on the “I AM this Moment” and then shifted when I got some scary medical news. (Don’t worry, all turned out well.) This is one of those poems that came through me, filled with higher truth I needed to hear–in the moment.

Moment and Truth
By Barbara Jacksha

I AM this day, this hour
I AM this moment
Moment of thrashing heart
Moment of fear casting futures
Future, a game of cups and balls
Future, a confounding sleight of hand
Hand me this moment to feast on
Hand me the rustle of this breath
Breath, loud and soft
Breath carries life
Life lays out a buffet
Life offers bitter melon and extra dessert
Desserts we could wallow in
Desserts we fear we’ll regret
Regret swings its knives
Regret slices at air
Air of the past
Air of futures formed of smoke
Smoke swallows more than we know
Smoke plays us for fools
Fools with good intentions
Fools wanting to do the right thing
Thing is, we can’t breathe in smoke-choked hallways
Thing is, we can’t see when smoke stings our eyes
Eyes cannot be fooled
Eyes only see this moment
Moment of air and form
Moment of our greater presence
Presence hugs us when we cry
Presence offers us a dance
Dance with the moment
Dance deeper within
Within, we are sugar pops and warm summer naps
Within, we are laughter and blinking Christmas lights
Lights carried in our eyes
Lights shared with all I AM
Am this moment, am this hour, am this day
Am a central shining spark
Spark flaring in this moment
Spark flaring no matter what the moment brings
Brings a message I don’t want to hear
Brings a sneeze from the puppy at my feet
Feet get it right
Feet only have this moment to walk
Walk aligned with fear
Walk aligned with truth
Truth or not, here I am
Truth or not, hugging this moment

Until this poem came through, I hadn’t realized how easily my body can remind me to stay in my Now bubble. As this poem says, feet only walk in the NOW, eyes only see the NOW. Our hands can only touch in the NOW as well. If you want to play along, try inviting your body to be your Bubble Buddy. See what happens.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Happy Bubbling!


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