It’s astonishing what can shift almost overnight. I was going to wait a week before I posted a new blog post, but this can’t wait. My team is poking me in the ribs, and I’ve been pacing around my house eager to share. So here goes.

After I woke up yesterday morning, I flipped on the TV to catch the weather report. There was a commercial promoting training programs at a local medical institute. I wasn’t listening until the woman in the ad said “it’ll be hard, but it’ll be worth it.”

Immediately, my team popped in and said: that’s why you can’t think the way the rest of the world thinks. Instantly, I felt the programming for struggle built into those words. The energy felt heavy, sticky, confining. I turned off the TV, realizing that in that moment, I’d chosen to step farther from mass consciousness, farther from thinking the way the rest of the world thinks. That felt big in itself, but I had the feeling something else was up, so I set my internal radar on high.


A couple of hours later, I went into meditation. For a while, I’ve been playing at what I call my leading edge, the point where the energetic fields of my life meet the quantum field, or what my team and I call the void of pure potential. This leading edge has truly become my comfort zone, and I’ve loved playing and creating there.

This visit, a guide with me said, go out into the void.

I’ve done this before, taken a few steps into the void. I experienced how my created reality filled in behind and beside me with each step, effectively creating expansive, new virgin ground.

This time I didn’t just take a step or two. I flew WAY out there. I saw myself as a giant presence, part angel, part Thunderbird with impossibly large wings.

Then I began beating my wings. Beating in strong, firm strokes. The persistent pulse of that, the almost overwhelming vibration of that, was exhilarating. I still feel the vibration pulsing through my body now.

The full purpose of this isn’t clear to me, but I know I was creating movement and momentum. And it felt like a clarion call. To what, to whom? To what end? Part of my next adventure will be to find out!


Later in the day, after I’d had time to absorb this a bit and get my heart beating at a normal pace, I tuned in again. This time, I experienced myself, my angel/eagle self out there in the void, as an immense field of energy. I recognized it by feel as the largest expression of myself I can connect with. Call it my Higher Self, my Soul, or call it as I do, my Harmonic, the chord of all the vibrations that form all levels of ME.

I moved into the center of this energy of myself and became it. I was no longer separate. I noticed how I had spun out threads of energies, not just into a swirl that was my current human life as Barbara, but into many, many other expressions in different times, realities, dimensions, etc. The perfection and balance and love of this was an off-the-charts feeling, and yet felt completely natural and normal.


Fast forward to this morning’s meditation.

I closed my eyes and began to tune into myself the way I usually do. Instead of going where I normally go, however, I found myself back in the center of my Harmonic, as my Harmonic, out there in the void of pure potential. I realized that this is the ME my earth expression will now tune in to each day. This is now what I’m embodying, expressing and directing. This is where I’m now creating from. All in a way I never could before.

A moment later I saw a duplicate of my Harmonic energy with all my branching life expressions. Fractal is a better word than duplicate. I saw this fractal of Harmonic me INSIDE Harmonic me. I understood the smaller fractal was me in this one earth life.

My earth life energy was streaming out to various physical-world projects I’m working on, just as the larger me was streaming energy out to different life expressions. The fractal was the exact same shape, the exact same energy as the complete Harmonic me, just in a differentiated, Earth-ified (technical term!) form.


I’ve focused a lot on living my truth, aligning my life with my higher truth. Now I have a new understanding of what that looks and feels like. When you and your physical earth experience align as a fractal of your higher expression… When you see it directly, experience it consciously as your now-normal reality…wow times a million.

Now I understand even more how exquisite and uplifting it is to live our truth, to walk our spiritual talk. 


I hope this is making sense. I wish I could give you a sparkly purple pill that would directly share the experience. I lack pharmaceutical skills, but I do know I’m going to do everything I can to help people experience and embody this kind of direct, conscious alignment with themselves.


Enter something that’s been on my mind for a few weeks now.

I’ve been resisting some of the teaching in the course-creation class I’m taking. Sometimes resistance is resistance. Sometimes it’s the indicator that something is just not right for you.

I’ve realized I cannot create the course I need to teach the way I’m “supposed to” create it, basically creating and marketing solutions that tie into people’s survival-level problems and pain points. There are already tons of courses and teachers out there that help people fix money problems or improve their relationship with a spouse in a spiritual way. I can’t go there.

For me, it would be a dis-service, a lie really, because I’ve been shown and given so much more. And it’s the MORE I’m compelled to share. We are moving into even higher energies of evolution and conscious, multidimensional creation. From what I’ve seen and heard, my tribe wants/needs to joyfully experiment and play and evolve their lives with and within that energy, going where humanity has never gone before.

THAT I can help with. THAT’S the playground I’ll teach on.

One of the most incredible things I find about playing and creating in the higher realms is the sense of piercing clarity you experience. The past two days have brought me even more clarity about the class and where my focus is and is demanding to be. 


I feel I’m rambling a bit today, but I’m also being encouraged to share. With my team so insistent, I’m pretty sure some of you needed some or all of what they asked me to talk about. 

I’m also writing to declare to you, as my witnesses, that I am going all in with my teaching. I’m going all in on sharing how to play with the potentials available NOW. I’m going all in on creating my new class, my novel, and all my projects from that place of my Harmonic dancing blissfully in the quantum field.

Phew! There, I’ve committed. And it feels really, really good. Going all in on your spirituality, on yourself, usually does. 


I’m sure most of you are also choosing to no longer think as the rest of the world thinks. And I imagine you may no longer be interested in creating the way the rest of the world creates. 

I believe many of us are being called to move into an even more expansive level of living and being present in the world. I see it as a Radical, Radiant (R)Evolution. I believe this is the wave of the future for all who want to ride it. And what a glorious ride it is and will be. 


Blessings beyond blessings,





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