Sometimes writing about flow, about the NOW bubble, feels so abstract. I love mulling over abstractions, but I love even more when I see all I understand at the conceptual level reveal itself clearly in my physical life. Living the flow, living the NOW bubble, in everyday life is the playground I want to spend all my time on.

Let me share a quick story that illustrates why I feel this way.

Last week, I pulled out the boxes of stones that will be the first to go into my new Etsy store. (I got delayed by a cold, but I’m still aiming to officially open this month.) The first stone I pulled out was the very sweet Tangerine Quartz cluster that illustrates this post, a piece that had been part of my personal collection for years but was ready to move on.

I opened the recent pictures I’d taken of the cluster but wasn’t satisfied. I decided to reshoot some of the photos. It didn’t feel like the time, however, to do this. Honoring that, I put the cluster on my desk–to keep it front and center on my mind and yes, enjoy its company a while longer.

A day or so later while feeding my dogs breakfast, I wondered what message that cluster would like me to convey in its store description. I heard very distinctly that the cluster is all about working with the ozone layer.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but that wasn’t it! 

I tuned in more and understood that the cluster will help its next person maintain their personal ozone layers, their energetic fields. Mental, emotional, etheric, all of them. It will help bring them into harmony and alignment, smooth out bunched-up areas, and re-energize what looked like tiny tears. 

With that information, I was one step closer to listing the amazing beauty, but then came the weekend and the need to rest and get rid of the last of my cold. I put off dealing with the stone again.

Sunday afternoon my good friend Sherry, a talented animal chiropractor, came over to adjust my dogs. I love these opportunities to catch up with her. She told me that she’d been watching Avenger movies and was feeling a strong connection with the energy of Doctor Strange. I told her I was getting my store ready to open. I told her about the surprising message the Tangerine Quartz gave me a few days before.

Sherry’s a big stone fan, so it didn’t surprise me when she asked if she could see the cluster. The moment she took it in her hands, I felt an incredible rush of energy. She felt it too. And she felt how it’s related to the Doctor Strange energy that had been on her mind.

It’s not often I get to experience the feeling of a stone finding its next person, but that’s exactly what happened. That cluster happily went home with her.

We laughed about how all this came about. The way I happened to pull that stone out of the box before any other. How I left it on my desk, ready to go. How I held back from taking more photos or listing it in the store. How of all the myriad of things I could have told Sherry about, I happened to mention the stone and its message. How she happened to ask to see it, and of course, how she (and I) knew the stone was for her.

Imagine if a human tried to arrange the unfolding of all that…all the clunky pieces we’d have to organize. I’m not sure we could even pull it off. But in flow, with two people living and honoring flow, it just happens.

It just happens.

Think about the very practical magic of that.

I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to let the Universe, my higher self, and the All-That-Is take care of these arrangements. They do a darn good job. I get the easy part, just going with the flow and enjoying the ride and all its surprising turns.

Don’t you wonder what the Universe is arranging for you this very moment? Don’t you wonder what will be there for you to pick up and run with, play with and explore?

I do.


Have fun exploring your playground,





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