About My Work

I admire writers and artists who can craft detailed, insightful statements to describe their aesthetic and their work.  My statement is much simpler: I write what comes.  And at times, I’ve had to work long and hard (or wait years) to uncover what my subconscious — or higher selves — are trying to say through a story.  Usually it’s best if I stay out of the way.

My stories seem to grow out of anything.  Frequently I jump off a phrase that’s bouncing around in my head.  Often, a delicious ending appears that needs a story built in front of it.  At other times an exercise inspires me, or a dare, an experience, a news story, a friend’s comment, a dream.  And sometimes, when I’m tuned in and very fortunate, a door opens and a story pours down so quickly and completely that I’d be a fool not to take it down.

I’m a huge fan of magical realism, speculative fiction, and other stories that look at the realities we’d see if we only opened our eyes a bit wider.  Is my work profound?  Sometimes.  Goofy?  Sometimes.  Strange to mainstream thinking?  I hope so.  Whatever comes, all of these story realities are grounded in truth and have their own messages to share.

Over the years, my eyes have gotten wider and wider, and the topics of my stories have moved farther from mainstream experience and into the realm of my personal experiences and the spiritual center of who I truly am.  At their heart, my stories seem to all share a sense of movement toward or longing for connection, for love, for recognition of who we really are and who we are becoming.  In short, the essence of what I believe is our transformative experience here on our beloved planet Earth.


A Little About Me

Most of my days are devoted to writing, jewelry-making and working with my other passion, crystals and stones.  I couldn’t ask for a more artistic, inspiring setting.  I live and work  in a unique, semi-rural area outside Santa Fe, New Mexico, a home I’m blessed to share with my husband Bob, resident canines Cooper, Casey, and Parker — and many neighborhood hawks, owls, bobcats, and coyotes.  The air is fresh, the views of the Sangre de Christo mountains are spectacular, and the pulse of Gaia is easy to feel.  And at night, away from the lights of a city, we marvel at the stars.